Radio Bread of Life:  Practicing Faith in the Internet Age


Radio Bread of Life is a website that allows you to listen directly to the true Christian word: the words and thoughts of our Lord Jesus Christ are accessible to you from any place! This radio offers a continuous audio program that will introduce you to biblical texts and Christian songs. You can listen to the radio live, on the internet or directly on your smartphone.

Radio Bread of Life, it is also an innovative program that will mix the useful with the pleasant. You will be able to listen to Radio Bread of Life for its songs in background music during almost all your activities, and also to benefit from the biblical texts that will be proposed to you. These are carefully selected by Radio Bread of Life, in correlation with the current events, such as the biblical texts read in your assembly. You can also listen to the latest musical trends of Christian music or songs of hope.

Radio Bread of Life is a moment to share, with your family, with your friends, it’s a radio that will make you think about the events that occur in your life. Hear the word of our Lord Jesus Christ and share with us your thoughts on the faith and strength of our belief.

Radio Bread of Life is accessible everywhere, it is also one of its major advantages! You can listen to this radio in Haiti, in the Caribbean, but also further away from your home. Radio Bread of Life is heaven for those still practicing in the digital age! All you need is a computer and Wi-Fi connection to start with messages that bring you closer to God. It is not only a radio, but a real community, and it is even possible for you to contact by phone or you can listen to any fixed or mobile phone Radio Bread of Life! For example, one could compare Radio Bread of Life to Radio 4Veh, the latter already a reference among Christian radios.

This radio station preaches strong words; those of hope, hope by words and words for light. Radio Bread of Life is a radio strongly imbued with Biblical script, and you will find the latter a real keystone of the building! It’s a light coming from your radio. This radio station also insists on the spiritual struggle, the true motor of the Christian faith, which will be for every good Christian a reason to live. Spiritual combat is a daily struggle waged with small daily victories! This spiritual battle is a struggle against the evil forces of Satan or the seven deadly sins. Radio Bread of Life, it is still a radio that will speak about the pilgrim, his devotion and his symbolism.

A radio to feed your soul: Radio Bread of Life does not only propose its radio; it also proposes effective solutions to read the Bible in one year only. They are electronic bibles resembling audio guides with the difference that they will guide you only in understanding the message of our Lord, and not in a museum. These audio guides are available in several languages: French, English, Spanish and Haitian Creole.

Finally, Radio Bread of Life offers several interesting testimonies on its website about the spiritual combat that we mentioned earlier. You will be able to discover the battle of several religious against Satan and the evil forces who opposed their fate as believers.