Zeno Prime - So Much More than Just Radio

Everything a station needs besides for just streaming. Growth, Podcasting, Music and Monetization,.

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Grow your Station

Get your station noticed with distinct features with new and innovative ways to listen


Let Zeno help your station reach its full potential with podcasting and other on demand features


With relationships with all the major US music labels we have so much to offer music stations


We succeed when you succeed and turn your hobby into a business, or make your business even more profitable

A World Leader in Radio, Offering So Much More

Zeno Media has been providing world renowned streaming software for radio stations for over 10 years. With over 50,000 stations and over 5 billion minutes of radio streamed we know what we are doing. Every station gets unlimited listeners, As our stations continue to grow and require more services than just the basic radio streaming Zeno Media is here to provide our stations with everything they need.

Zeno Prime Badge

Get your station noticed with a special badge in search distinguishing your station

No Display Ads

Remove all display ads from your customizable landing page

Call In Phone Number

Get a unique phone number for your listener to call in and listen to your station, no data plan required

Record your Shows

Submit a schedule and we will record your shows and publish them as podcasts.

Listener Subscriptions

Allow your listeners to donate money and subscribe to your station allowing for new revenue

Music Tag

Get noticed for streaming unique and original music by using the music genre tag


Automatically opt-in to a revenue sharing agreement where you can make even more money from your station

Remove Suggested Stations

Have full control of your landing page by removing suggested stations from the bottom

Coming Soon - Remove Background Noise

Using Artificial Intelligence, remove background noise and improve the quality of your podcast recording.

Remove Audio Ads

Let your listeners have an ad free listening experience. For a small additional fee your station can stream without any preroll or mid-roll advertisements.

Custom iOS + Android App

Zeno will build you a native iOS and Android App. Fully customizable with a long list of features to include, including chat, video, podcasting, news, and of course radio.

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