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All the tools an online radio station needs

Zeno automation software based off of project LibreTime gives broadcasters all the tools they need to run an online radio station


Our cutting-edge platform empowers you to efficiently schedule and manage your shows.

Autoloading Playlists and Smart blocks

Create multiple Playlists with ease! Populate automatically using AI technology.

Media Library

Seamlessly upload in Your Media Library! Organize, Access, and Refine Your Content!

Upload Tracks

Easily add and manage all of your tracks

Schedule your Shows

Day, Week and Month timetable

Use Smart Blocks with AI

Automatically fill in media files from the library

Create Playlists

Mix and Match tracks to your heart's content!

Relay your other stations

Use an alternative source of content

Media Library

Drag and Drop any tracks

Radio Automation Software

Engage your audience like never before. Discover the power of streamlined content delivery today!

Media Library
Create Multiple Playlist
SmartBlock AI
Scheduling Shows
Relay Stream
Adding/removing content to a running show
Set Metadata
Show Calendar
Autoloading Playlist
Next Song Display
24/7 Broadcasting

Unlock broadcasting simplicity!

An easy to view and manage dashboard to take full control of your station.

Schedule for Your Daily, Weekly or Monthly Broadcast!

Customize Your Daily, Weekly or even Monthly Lineup! Select Playlists for Targeted Broadcasts on Specific Days and Times. Add and remove content to a running show with ease.

Effortless Curation with Smart Blocks!

Let AI Craft Playlists for You. Let automation take the reins as it intelligently populates blocks with media files from your library based on your specified criteria. 

Unleash the Power of Autoloading Playlists!

Revolutionize your Automation Software experience with AutoLoading playlist feature! Plan your show by scheduling tracks from a chosen playlist an hour before it airs. 

Easily integrate Webstreams by adding URLs.

Schedule remote streams for seamless inclusion in your shows, opening up new possibilities for dynamic content.

We're here to help

Zeno support staff is here to help you get started. All plans come with premium support, access to our growing library of tutorial videos and a full FAQs page covering any question you might have. In addition all users on the premier plan get access to a one on one setup with one of our streaming experts.

Looking for something simpler? Try AutoDJ

Not interested in learning a new piece of software? The fastest and easiest way to start a playlist is with our simple by design autoDJ feature. Upload up to 1000 songs and no need to hassle with anything else.

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